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Marketing Audit

You need to know where you are now before you can plan for the future.

A marketing audit is a great way to assess how your current marketing plan is performing, and is useful for getting back in touch with your business, brand and products or services and re-focus your marketing efforts. Pippa will take a comprehensive look and analysis of your current strategy, marketing activities, goals and objectives.

Marketing and Competitor Analysis

If you don’t understand your competitive environment, your marketing plan won’t be effective and you will have little hope of creating an offer that stands out.

Pippa always advocates spending time getting to know your competition, how they’re presenting themselves to market and which channels they are using, then she can begin to identify strategies and activities to help your business get real cut-through in the market.

Data Analysis and Customer Surveys

All marketing should start with a good understanding of your customer and target audience.

Through a combination of data analytics, customer surveys and focus groups, Pippa can help you to identify the nuggets that will shape your marketing strategy. From survey design through to focus group moderation and research analysis, she can give you confidence to make critical strategic decisions. Pippa works with a number of strategic partners who can assist with specific industry metrics and provide scalability should substantive research or survey work be required.

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